Memphis Equipment Company, Memphis, Tennessee

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5-ton complete process (remanufacture, makes a "new" truck)
Note the steel plates welded to the sides of the frame for extra strength. I was told this one is going to be a road tractor.

Memphis equipment is really busy these days. Seems they got a huge contract for 5-tons to Morocco and are buying up all the big trucks they can get. I think Morocco is getting the multifuels, and there's another big deal for completely reprocessed 900 series. I was openly told this by several people, so there's no secrets to it. I don't know anything about Morocco except what's written in the CIA world fact book. Maybe Morocco Mole and Secret Squirrel are planning a surprise for someone.

I'm glad they have the business, but also a bit sad that so many of our beautiful American Military trucks are going overseas. It reminds me of when the Japanese were buying up all the good American-made hi-fi gear a few years back. Well, things are not bought beaause they're junk, they''re bought because they are the best.

While I was there I took some pictures, here are a few. I also put on new windshields and finally replaced the drivers door hinge. What a pleasure it is now to close the door easily!

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