Some random stuff along Arkansas Highway 67 from Lokoke to Texarkana


Logging truck
just messing around with the video camera
nice farm land
just messing around with the video camera
just messing around with the video camera. I need to make a mount for it and a windscreen for the microphone.
getting bored.. a picture of my new door hinge..

Arkansas highway 67. This pased liesurely through many small but reasonably prosperous towns, except that the town of Hope, AR was not prosperous at all. That was the pits, not even an open restaurant in that place, but plenty of liquor stores.. I know Bill Clinton's a weasel, but you would think he would have done "something" for the home town. I found another "chicken stickie"! I couldn't believe it, since after the disgusting one I ate last year (picture below), I assumed it would kill anyone who ate it, and eventually would get the cooks. It turned out I was wrong, and the one I was unfortunate enough to eat last year was just a really bad example.

They called it chicken on a stick in Hope. It was freshly made and pretty good. No beak.. Potato, chicken, pickles, onions, all deep fried. This was at the Shell station on the west end of downtown. If you want to eat in Hope and don't find any restaurants, eat there.

Last year's really bad "chicken stickie".. you see what I mean about the beak. There was not enough hot sauce in that bottle to kill this thing!

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