"Trochotron" decade counter tube from ancient computer

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Images show vacuum tube centered inside molded rubber cylinder, inside cylindrical magnet, inside inside another molded rubber cylinder, inside steel tube.

Comment from Tim Richardson W4IOU: The "Unknown old computer tube" you show appears to be a Burroughs 6703 / BD-301 Trochotron or something very similar. Check out this web page:
Comment from Chuck McGregor: I was just browsing your website when I noticed your mystery counting tube. I think it is a trochotron decade counter. Here is one reference (with many more less obtainable ones): Millman & Taub: "Pulse and Digital Circuits" (1956), section 11-8

I vaguely remember some similar tubes by Burroughs...they may have been called Beam-X tubes (or that may have been a different device.) I think they were used to implement some counters in the radar on the YF-12 interceptor aircraft around 50 years ago. http://www.decadecounter.com/vta/articleview.php?item=268

Comment from David R. Brooks: This is almost certainly a "trochotron". They are mentioned briefly on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nixie_tube See also http://www.tubecollector.org/vs10g.htm

Unlike true Nixies, the trochotron was a hard-vacuum device, so could switch much faster than a Nixie (over 1MHz).

Opcom - Indeed it might well be. These guys can't all be wrong, and they seem to agree on the class of tube! I have discovered an old military frequency/impulse counter that seems to use them, or similar. Yet to collect the YF-12 aircraft. sort of like having the doorknob and needing the house to go with it. Hope to dig that old counter out some day..

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