VRPS "Show and Tell" session

February 21, 2009


sometimes called the "bird house" radio
The "SAFE T FAN" does not so much blow right at you but circulates the air. It does move alot of air and has veriable speed.
100_7515.jpg 100_7516.jpg
The wise old RadioOwl turns your radio off after a set time.
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The first home radio ever sold to the public was a spark gap transmitter and 'choerer' receiver.
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Conelrad set. Warns you when the cold war heats up.
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3-channel AM receiver. channelized by means of three sets of adjustments to cover your stations. Selection is by a switch.
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tuning eye tube test jig
tuning eye tube test jig
Overload relay. Works like a KWH meter, but makes torque to close contacts rather than spinning a rotor. Note the Zenith "Space Command" ultrasonic remote nearby.
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A variety of interesting matchbook covers.
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De Forest Audio amplifiers and tubes.
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A collection of unusual vacuum tubes that were generally not seen by the public, even back in the days.
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Breadboard transmitter with type 805 tube.
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