100 Year Old Wallpaper

This set of work was derived from a digital photo of wallpaper from an old house being demolished. The pattern is unique today, and the wear and tear adds its own flavor of time to the image. Three files are offered for download: The original large image that you can edit to your liking, and two prepared images ready for use on the computer desktop. Both a bitmap and JPEG are included in each file. The traditional users prefer the bitmaps, while the victims of the "active desktop" can make use of the JPEG files to save space. You are free to use and modify the images for your own use at work or at home, but may not make commercial use of them nor include them in a distribution containing commercial data objects unless you get permission. I hope you like them.

Original image, 2592x1944 bitmap. 11MB zipfile

Light coloration, BMP and JPEG. 1.4MB zipfile

Dark coloration, BMP and JPEG. 1.1MB zipfile