Tuesday OCT 02 2007

Fair Radio Sales, Lima OH

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Like many large surplus houses, not everything is shown in the catalogs. Here are some pictures of interesting things found at Fair Radio. Note: many may be awaiting repair, units-for-parts, or otherwise. Since these are just random pics, don't rely on them. It's just a tour.
00_4708.JPG 100_4554.JPG 100_4555.JPG
Collins 618T3, a 400W SSB HF set
100_4556.JPG 100_4557.JPG
100_4558.JPG 100_4559.JPG 100_4560.JPG 100_4561.JPG 100_4562.JPG
100_4563.JPG 100_4564.JPG 100_4565.JPG 100_4566.JPG 100_4567.JPG
100_4568.JPG 100_4569.JPG 100_4570.JPG 100_4571.JPG 100_4572.JPG

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