Harris RF-130

Real radios mount in racks and require 240VAC..

mvc-027f.jpg mvc-028f.jpg

Harris RF-130 inter-unit cabling and microphone notes
(Useful for connecting the Harris RF-130 transmitter, RF-1310 exciter, RF-590 receiver, and RF-110 or RF-110A amplifier)

This beautiful surplus rig has found a home at the Bunker of DOOM, where it will be lovingly repaired and cared for. And maybe even used! The power supply is a booger, weighing in at about 160 lbs. The rest of it was pretty easy to move. The radio covers SSB and digital modes in the HF spectrum and can put out 1000 watts easily. From top to bottom: automatic antenna tuner, receiver, exciter, power amplifier, power supply.

The pictures above show the unit in its original location. Below is a better picture of the unit as re-assembled in the rack after the move. One exciter and the receiver need some repairs to the power supplies. Everything else seems OK. Fortunately the manuals came with it, as well as a spare amplifier.