Electronic Dimensions

424 Puyallup Avenue, Tacoma, WA, 98421


On Thursday morning, October 06, 2011 we arrived at Electronic Dimensions in Tacoma, Washington. They open at 11:00, which was OK for us after a 13 hour drive from central Montana.

It wasn't a straight-through drive, as we had stopped at the Top Hat Motel in Ritzville, Washington (210 E First Avenue, Ritzville, WA 99169. Phone: 509-659-1100). That nice little place is an old-syle motel and a good value and was clean and everything worked well including the internet (we would not want to deprive you, the valued guests of the Bunker of DOOM, of these updates!). I'd reccommend it to anyone who prefers an unpretentious and reasonable location and wants something a little different than the usual boring names.

So, entering the store we were faced with a huge array of classical electronics equipment of all kinds, as well as a good selection of parts. There was a large rack full of ham radio magazines, another large shelve with books, and pretty much everything from AN/TIQ-2 components to radar dishes. Plenty of the older and more interesting ham radios, as well as tubes, and tons of test equipment. Please check the pictutres as there is more than can be easily described. The owner, Glen Galati, was very personable and we enjoyed some discussions and he showed us around the place. As with all of these visits, it is important to keep in mind thatthere are only random images and don't reflect everything in the store by a long shot. Everything written here is my opinion and opinions are a dme a dozen. We are not affiliated with this merchant but our expectations were greatly exceeded and we reccommend Electronic Dimensions highly.

100_9588.jpg 100_9589.jpg 100_9590.jpg 100_9591.jpg 100_9592.jpg
100_9593.jpg 100_9594.jpg 100_9595.jpg 100_9596.jpg 100_9597.jpg
100_9598.jpg 100_9599.jpg 100_9600.jpg 100_9601.jpg 100_9602.mov
(6MB video) This capacitor has two gangs both operated by one anti-backlash shaft.
100_9603.jpg 100_9604.jpg 100_9605.jpg 100_9606.jpg 100_9607.jpg
100_9608.jpg 100_9609.jpg 100_9610.jpg 100_9611.jpg 100_9612.jpg
Acquired this receiver. It will match my AN/URT-12 transmitter well.
100_9614.jpg 100_9615.jpg 100_9616.jpg 100_9617.jpg
100_9618.jpg 100_9619.jpg 100_9620.jpg 100_9621.jpg 100_9622.jpg
100_9623.jpg 100_9624.jpg 100_9625.jpg 100_9626.jpg 100_9627.jpg
100_9628.jpg 100_9629.jpg 100_9630.jpg 100_9631.jpg 100_9632.jpg
100_9633.jpg 100_9634.jpg 100_9635.jpg 100_9636.jpg 100_9637.jpg
100_9638.jpg 100_9639.jpg 100_9640.jpg 100_9641.jpg 100_9642.jpg
100_9643.jpg 100_9644.jpg 100_9645.jpg 100_9646.jpg 100_9647.jpg
100_9648.jpg 100_9649.jpg 100_9650.jpg 100_9651.jpg 100_9652.jpg
100_9653.jpg 100_9654.jpg
This set appears to be a navigation tool and ha a 2" CRT in the center of the large dial. It looks like new and has a speaker and covers a tuning range from a few KHz to the shortwave, in three bands.
100_9655.jpg 100_9656.jpg 100_9657.jpg
These on the top - are hard to find. It's usually a modified H/P X-Y display with electrostatic deflection, so its fast enough for a lot of things the typical 10" or 12" rectangular CRT with ye olde defletion coils might not be. Its probably a P4, but many different models of this basic instrument type were made by OEMs hacking the H/P vector displays of the time. I have three of these basic things so I left this one for the next lucky CRT enthusiast!
100_9659.jpg 100_9660.jpg 100_9661.jpg 100_9662.jpg
100_9663.jpg 100_9664.jpg 100_9665.jpg 100_9666.jpg 100_9667.jpg
100_9668.jpg 100_9669.jpg 100_9670.jpg 100_9671.jpg 100_9672.jpg
100_9673.jpg 100_9674.jpg 100_9675.jpg 100_9676.jpg 100_9678.jpg
100_9679.jpg 100_9681.jpg 100_9682.jpg 100_9683.jpg 100_9684.jpg
100_9686.jpg 100_9687.jpg 100_9688.jpg 100_9689.jpg
Interesting RADAR display on the shelf. There were several displays.
100_9691.jpg 100_9692.jpg 100_9693.jpg 100_9694.jpg 100_9695.jpg
acquired this Dumont 304-AR scope. The non-rack version is more common.
100_9696.jpg 100_9697.jpg 100_9699.jpg 100_9700.jpg 100_9701.jpg
100_9702.jpg 100_9703.jpg
acquired this choke
acquired this choke
100_9705.jpg 100_9706.jpg
100_9707.jpg 100_9708.jpg
A P7 phosphor Tektronix 532, apparently.
100_9709.jpg 100_9710.jpg 100_9711.jpg
acquired this H/P-Sanborn X-Y scope.
100_9713.jpg 100_9714.mov
(96MB video) Here's how we got some of those things out of the shelves.. Thanks to Jacob!