Installing a Diesel Generator on an M35A2 Truck

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The Gillette Generator model GPNDL-60E is a diesel set providing 5KW prime (continuous) service or 6KW for emergency duty. That's 21A @ 240VAC. The alternator is of somewhat larger physical size than required so that it can supply a cleaner waveform for sensitive modern electronics loads and higher surge capacity. The alternator also has class H insulation rated for 180-200 degrees C, an important factor in the Texas heat at high loads. The unit also has good ratings for environment/pollution. Other features are pressure type oiling with oil filter, low oil pressure shutdown, electric start, and of course those annoying but safety-oriented GFI outlets for the 120V sockets. The engine is a 15LD400, a newer and more efficient model than what was shown on Gillette's website at the time of purchase. Fuel consumption is advertised at 0.53 G/H at 3750 watts load. Outlets are (4) NEMA 5-15R 120V 20 AMP W/ GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTERS (GFCI), (1) NEMA L5-30R 120V 30 AMP 3-WIRE TWIST-LOCK RECEPTACLE, and (1) NEMA L14-20R, 20 AMP 120V/240V receptacle. There's an hourmeter and a meter for 240VAC as well. Weight is about 200LBS. Dimensions in inches are 28Lx22Wx23H. This is about the biggest set that will fit on the truck where the spare tire is normally kept (Other good sets like Onan "RV" sets are too large and heavy for this.) It's also about the smallest Diesel set that appears to be of good quality. I looked around alot for different sets. I found many complaints about Chinese made sets and I saw many sets with Chinese engines and smallish-looking alternators. The engine here is a Lombardini, which company is well known for reliable small diesels for many years. Gillette has been building generators since 1955. I believe this set was a wise choice.

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