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Why "Bunker of DOOM"? Simple.. easy to remember, and appropriate since many of the technologies practiced by those who enter these portals were long ago doomed in the face of technology advancements (read -cheaper manufacturing and higher efficiency at the cost of tangible craftsmanship). Certainly alot of very fine craftsmanship and engineering, the best, has gone into the insides of our modern appliances as well as their stylish exteriors, but it's no longer really tangible to the user. There's little that seems personal or hand-finished. Modern devices are defined by software, and if you want to change something about the way it works or add value to your property and you are not an expert on that specific platform, well.. you may feel out of luck, until you see that hardware modifications can also help, with or without software changes, and that using the older gear is not only fun but sometimes less annoying than the slick new plastic object.

This is why Amish and Plain Peoples' products, old and new, are forever sought out, and it is why some people are willing to pay more for custom built computers and the other high tech goods like vintage audio equipment. It may also be why people jailbreak their mobile phones, but that's another matter. No one is scorning new products but people want to want to make them better, add value, and personalize. One idea is to make the thing oneself, whatever it is. Not 'make' an iPad, but make a custom LED lamp, a vacuum tube stereo or an 'oscilloscope clock', things that are practical to make and modify in the home workshop or lab.
So, many of us choose to play with the technologies and methods of times past for our own enjoyment. Today can be "the good old days", where craftsmanship and individual preference means something more than the color of the plastic casing, if you will only build something for yourself with your own hands. Imagine the satisfaction from that. Perhaps you already do this, but not yet with electronics. Welcome to a new and interesting world. Make things better! It does not matter what, just make it!

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Here is the straight story as we non-lawyers understand it: For reading material published from the beginning of time through 50 years ago with copyright notice but copyright was not renewed, the material is in the public domain due to copyright expiration. from http://www.copyright.cornell.edu/resources/publicdomain.cfm

  • Anything copyrighted prior to 1923 is in the public domain. (Practically speaking, this includes anything published prior to 1923, since publication without copyright put the work straight into the public domain. But note this possible exception in some western states for some 1909-1922 foreign works that were not published in the US before 1923.) Due to a 20-year copyright extension enacted in the US in 1998, copyrights from 1923 or later that are still in force will stay in effect through 2018 or longer.
  • Certain works copyrighted in 1923 or later may already have entered the public domain. In particular, works published in the US before 1989 without proper copyright notice, and works published in the US before 1964 whose copyrights were not renewed, may have entered the public domain. However, works from 1923 or later that were originally published in countries outside the US may still be copyrighted regardless of whether they were printed with proper notice or renewed. To research whether a book's copyright has been renewed, or needed to be renewed, see this article.
  • Works never published prior to 2003 (and never registered for copyright prior to 1978) are now in the public domain in the US if they are by authors who died more than 70 years before the most recent New Year's day. (For 2014, this means authors who died before 1944.) Although this new rule does not put any previously published material into the public domain, it may allow some long-lost manuscripts and collections of letters to be published online as "new" online books.
  • - - We understand this to mean that volumes, published 50 years ago or before, are not any longer copyrighted unless the copyright was renewed. As of 2014, this would mean the above referenced date of 1964. The Cornell University copyright chart site contains links to the University of Pennsylvania which suggests that the way to check for a copyright on a book is to check this resource maintained by University pf Pennsylvania: http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/cce/. Those institutions are not 'for' copyright infringement and neither is bunkerofdoom.com and its staff.

    Bunkerofdoom.com in no way purports to offer legal advice but it will remove infringing material when such are brought to the attention of the adminstrator along with proof of copyright ownership (proof of copyright ownership gives one the right to complain and will certainly speed things up). Proof of copyright ownership is important. That's a standard policy use by big business all over the web so if their lawyers thought it up it's good enough.

    Lastly some opinion: The interested person will see many unexpected circumstances surrounding copyrights. For example, an individual bought the entire stock of Heathkit manuals from that once great but now sadly defunct company, and there is even a receipt for this to be searched for publicly online, but nowhere therein does it indicate a transfer of copyright ownership. In spite of this possibly-botched transaction, the individual goes about asserting rights that do not appear to be supported by accessible documentation.

    This has caused annoyances on the itnernet between the manual purchaser who wishes to profit from his purhase by selling copies, and webmasters and site contributors who see no evidence of existing copyright on various heathkit manuals and wish to freely provide the material for hobbyists. The reader will note that the one "Heathkit" manual here is for a kit "Bell and Howell" oscilloscope, but the aforementioned person can not bother us in any way for heathkit-supplied "Bell and Howell brand" kit equipment.

    Can we put online all of our scanned Heathkit manuals with impunity and blow this person off? Yes. We choose not to publish them because there are still thousands of paper copies and electronic services offering those manuals for very low prices, and peope who directly contribute in other ways to the technology hobby depend in part for their livelihood on the sale of those paper manuals, including the person who bought the manuals from Heathkit.

    Those materials are readily available and do not meet the site criteria for unusual information. We are not going to intentionally step on someone's $10 sale. For the same reason, users or members here do not scan and publish reproduction manuals they have bought on which the copyright for the original has expired. Paper volumes are important and those business should not be thwarted if we expect to continually have access to nice handy bound copies instead of just 300DPI scans.

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